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DomainViews for Google - Domain Names Monitor Application


DomainViews for Google is a monitoring client that lets you check and compare the positions of domain names or web sites against specific keywords.

DomainViews is not the only such client out there, but it has a distinct feature: It was created to help you organize your domain names and keywords so that you can clearly compare various combinations to see which one positions the best.

For this, DomainViews uses the concept of Views. A View is a custom perspective consisting of domain names and keywords of your choice. You create a View such that it clearly orders your domain names or keywords according to position on Google.

For example, if you have 50 domain names and want some measure of which ones are rising faster over some period of time, you can create a View with domain names each of which has associated the basic keyword related to it. (e.g. fishingequipment.info -- "fishing equipment", fifaworldcupsoccer.info -- "world cup soccer", etc.). Now, lining up all of these domain name-keyword pairs that all have more or less equally important related keywords will give you a nice idea which combinations, i.e. domain names are doing better.

Take a look at a couple of screenshots:

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